Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Well summertime is well underway! The kids are having a lot of fun. They play outside a lot! Lexi has a couple of dog walking jobs lined up! One simply by being a good example. We have these neighbors that live behind us, and they called yesterday asking if she could take care of there dog for a week while they were at Carlile Lake on a family vacation. I have talked with the mom a few times at school waiting for the kids. We even had them over once to play in the sprinklers. She even said while I was setting this up with her, after she asked Lexi if she would be interested, I don't know what religion you are but I know you are Christians! I said yes we are, we are Latter Day Saints. She proceeded to ask about working on Sunday. I told her that we try not to work on Sundays the best we can. So I agreed that Lexi could walk the dog on Sunday, but it would be Service. Lexi is so excited. The other one is a dear friend whom I think just wants to help Lexi, but none the less we appreciate all the love. Andrew is loving baseball. He had his first game, and was so nervous. He did a great job! He has a lot of fun with Luke! We have some neighbor boys 2 doors down that he loves to play with! Austin is having fun as well. Unfortunately we have run into a slight problem.....Alergies! YUK!!!! We took him today to get blood drawn. We should have results within a week! Chris is very busy at work, and sidework, and his calling. Not to mention helping me! I have been doing rather well. I have however been very tired again as of late. Hope all is well!Much Love
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Switzerland Holds the Key to My Heart! said...

Kim! You will ALWAYS be a part of my family!!! I missed not being home on my bday, but I know I'm loved here too :) I know how much you guys love me, and that's really all I need. There's nothing that means more to me than that. We'll do something crazy and fun when I get home!!!

And just for the record, if there's two people in my life that I'd say I've REALLY looked up to and have made such an important impact on my life, it's you and Emily. :) Don't ever forget that!

I wish I was home and could help you!!! Stay strong and get as much sleep as you can!!!!! ALL my love!

Your blog looks GREAT!!!! It sounds like Lex is growing up to be quite the responsible young lady!!! Yay for her!! Keep it up Andrew with baseball!! I'm so happy for you!! And my little Austin... don't grow up too fast :) I love talking to him on the phone!!!

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Switzerland Holds the Key to My Heart! said...

hey! miss you tonz!! can't wait to see some more pictures!!!!