Saturday, June 13, 2009

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I did not want to leave daddy out!!!

Daddy has taken on his role as daddy so very much!!!! He is a wonderful daddy and husband!!! He keeps very busy with work as project manager and estimator. Work has slowed down a bit and he has stressed about making sure he has enough work to keep his guys busy! That says a lot about what kind of man he is! He in his position gets to go to work every day without worry. Yet he works VERY hard to make sure his guys have work!!!

He is still EQ presiednt, although he is getting very worn out with it!! He feels it is time for a change, but the Lord does not feel the same way!!! It is so hard sometimes to understand why things work the way they do, but if you just put all of your trust and faith in the Lord it will all work out!!

Wow!!! I have come to a whole new respect for mom's!!! Four kids for me has been amazing, yet hard to adjust to. Of course it is never just my four kids! I usually ALWAYS have other peoples kids here as well, which is totally fine!!!!
I have started working out with a personal trainer with several other amazing women!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!!!!! It however does not come without it's challenges! I have been dealing with knee injuries since I was actively doing martial arts 13 years ago! While doing these extremely intense workouts, I ALWAYS feel like I have lagging behind all og these wonderful ladies! Not because of cardio! I am totally fine with cardio! I have severe knee pain! As a dear friend and athletic coach put it, my outer legs are Very strong! They by far dominate my inner "mush" (aka.... very weak musles), therfore causing all of the pain, and inflamation! My response was simple! Please find me a solution! One that I can work on to fix the problem, because quiting my classes is just NOT an option!!! So please, any and all prayers are appreciated!!!!!

I love each and everyone of my kids, not to mention every kid I come in contact with! They are all so different in their own unique ways, but they all have such sweet spirits about them! My FAVORITE age group is 5-7!!!!! UMMMMMM not to mention birth through 1!!!!

Ilike to play with my kids and have fun when time allows!

I have yet to really figure out how to use this blog!!!

Anyways, that being said, I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful husband!!!!

Oh How she is Growing!!!

Lexi is 10 and going into 5th grade!! She is an interesting girl! She has a memory like none other! She never forgets anything! This being said, she doesn't like to apply herself! Well, until this year! This year she had a FANTASTIC teacher!!! Lexi got to do a lot of hands on learning!!! Anything she REALLY has to work for she doesn't have any interest!!!

That being said, she has been an AMAZING help to us this year!!! She is a young "mommy in training"

She was in choir this year. It has been alot of fun, yet "oh my gosh" watching her grow into a young lady this year!!

She is almost as tall as I am and likes to remind me of that often! She gets cocky sometimes about it, then I need to remind her that I am still bigger and stronger!! :-)

All about Andrew

Andrew is by far our most "loving" child! It comes so very natural to him!!!!

He and Ashley have a very special bond!!! All he has to do is look at her and she smiles! If he plays with her, he very easily gets her laughing!!!

Andrew has been our child with one issue after another, so talking about him makes me so very proud, and I choke up very easily!!!!

When he was still " cooking " in me, we were told he had a clef pelet. ( I don't know how to say that word ) Chris was way more worried about this than I was. When we went home, he gave me a blessing! When we returned for another ultra sound, the Dr.s were surprised that there were no physical signs of it anymore. Chris and I were not so surprised! This being said, I truly believe he has still dealt with one complication after another! He was a late talker. When he did start talking he was VERY hard to understand! He finally got diagnosed with severe speech issues! He was started in speech at 4 years old. He until recently had a lot of speech issues! This year has been a very successful year for Andrew!!! His teacher, whom I truly believe is Andrews personal Angel went way above and beyond for him. At first she said no Andrew doesn't have the typical signs of a child with ADD!!! Then as the year went on and she observed him more and more, she started to actually be concerned that he just might have it!! She worked with him one on one after school several times, before she suggested to us to have him evaluated! He indeed does have ADD!!! Which explains why the least amount of sugar makes him flying high for hours on end! We worked hard with his pediatrician who also is amazing, his teacher and us! He went from starting the year off barely being able to read, to ending the year ahead in reading!! His teachers, all of them were amazing this year!!! He has come so far, that as a parent who has seen her child struggle so much all of his life is just so full of joy for him! Chris and I are so proud of Andrew and his accomplishments... they have NOT come easy!!!!

Oh Our little turd!!!!!

This is Austin after he decided to play with ink pads. This is very typical for him. If he is not suppose to do something, he will find a way to sneak off and get into trouble!!!

This is Austin on a good moment! He was actually beaing cute and good..... Please more moments like this!

Here he is after eating the chocolate cake batter! Always smiling, even when he is being a stinker!!!

Austin is 3 1/2! He wanted to go on the Father son camp out with daddy and "Dandrew". Daddy told him the rule was you could only go if you were potty trained. Guess what , three weeks later when it was time for the campout he was TOTALLY potty trained! So dadyy changed the rules to "potty trained and 4" So next year he's going!!! Austin will start preschool in the fall..... good luck on this one!!He can be a lot of fun! He tries us often still, but hopefully school will help out!!!

Princess Ashley

Ashley Here she is 8 months old at the Drs. with a very red throat with white bumps on her throat. She seems very happy, so why did I take her to the Drs? Every time she tried to go to sleep she would SCREAM!! She simply does not do that! What do you know she really was sick:-(

Being a Big Girl

In the picture above Ashley was 7 months old. She loves to sit in carts and smile at all the people that go by! In the picture below this is Ashley the day I took her to the Dr. She would not sleep and one time I went in to check on her and this is what she was doing.
Ashley is 8 months old! She has two teeth and 5 or 6 pushing in right now. You can see the teeth, they just have to break the surface. Little note on Ashley..... The only other times she has been moody is when her other two teeth pushed in, and it only lasted a couple of days. The teeth were in and wala, welcome back our happy girl. Now she is trying to push several in at once..... HOLY CRABBY!!!!!!!! Come on TEETH!!!!! She is a very Happy and VERY CURIOUs little girl!!!!