Saturday, June 13, 2009

Oh Our little turd!!!!!

This is Austin after he decided to play with ink pads. This is very typical for him. If he is not suppose to do something, he will find a way to sneak off and get into trouble!!!

This is Austin on a good moment! He was actually beaing cute and good..... Please more moments like this!

Here he is after eating the chocolate cake batter! Always smiling, even when he is being a stinker!!!

Austin is 3 1/2! He wanted to go on the Father son camp out with daddy and "Dandrew". Daddy told him the rule was you could only go if you were potty trained. Guess what , three weeks later when it was time for the campout he was TOTALLY potty trained! So dadyy changed the rules to "potty trained and 4" So next year he's going!!! Austin will start preschool in the fall..... good luck on this one!!He can be a lot of fun! He tries us often still, but hopefully school will help out!!!

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