Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Busy week and then some!

Oh what fun we had last week! My good friend Julie came over and helped me redo the kids bedrooms last week! We started off moving Austins stuff into the living room and making his room into baby Ashley's room. We primed (yuk) and painted her room. We also added border and stick ons, and added her name. The process not so fun, the outcome a blast!! We then moved onto Andrew's room! Pulling everything out of his room, not so bad! Cleaning it not so bad! Pulling everything out of Lexi's room, TORTURE!!!!!!!!! We put Lexi in Andrew's old room. Gave her much less space. Now she has no choice but to keep her stuff organized! We put the boys together in Lexi's old room! They love it! All of them do! We got rid of a lot of piled up trash! I could not have done this without so much help! I had a dr.s appointment last week and a last minute ultra sound. My cervix is low and Ashley is low, but everything is fine! I am suppose to take it easy. HAHA, I already thought I was! My family and a couple of very special friends have made this very doable. I feel bad, yet am so very greatful for all of there love and support. Austin is having some health issues. We hope they are not bad, but all the extra prayers would be greatly appreciated! I hope to hear from many! Much love,
The Hunters

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